Trump to announce executive action on census citizenship question

Trump to announce executive action on census citizenship question

A federal judge on Monday rejected a request by the Trump administration to assign a new legal team to a lawsuit that blocked the USA from adding the proposed citizenship question. Cory Booker, D-N.J., who is vying for the Democratic nomination, introduced a bill Wednesday aimed at prohibiting the use of a census citizenship question for districting. The Trump administration's effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census is unlawful.

But for now, the only thing known for certain is that Trump plans to talk about the issue at an afternoon news conference-and there's no confirmation about exactly what he'll say.

Whether or not the 2020 census will have a question about participants' citizenship remains to be seen.

Afterward, the Commerce Department's Census Bureau began printing census questionnaires without the question and the Department of Justice signaled it would not attempt to continue the legal fight. Trump tweeted at the time.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is replacing the legal team that has been pursuing Mr. Trump's efforts, putting in place a new team consisting of both career and politically appointed attorneys.

Thomas Homan, the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a Trump ally, has argued in recent interviews that Democrats oppose the question because, if more people living in the country illegally are counted in the census, more seats will be allocated to Democratic states, resulting in more Electoral College votes.

The administration was still ironing out the details of the action, which was likely to be an executive order, one of the officials said.

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All of the other lawyers must submit an affidavit that provides "satisfactory reasons" for leaving the case, Furman said, citing a rule from the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of NY.

Some type of direct action by Trump had been one of several avenues explored by the administration to place the question on the decennial population survey following the late June Supreme Court ruling.

Furman said the urgency to resolve legal claims and the need for efficient judicial proceedings was an important consideration in rejecting a replacement of lawyers. In Maryland, a judge recently reopened the trial after an ACLU-led group presented what they say is new evidence the question was proposed with discriminatory motives.

Attorney General William Barr said on July 8 that the administration was going to take action soon. How many people are there?

The U.S. District judge who called for an emergency conference call after President Donald Trump tweeted something about the 2020 Census that "directly contradicted the position" Department of Justice attorneys put forth a day before has denied DOJ attorneys' motion to withdraw from the case.

Forcing residents to answer whether they are legal USA citizens is a Republican tactic to draw district lines around "just their people and not the general population".