Trembling spell: Merkel suffers new shaking spell, third in a month

Trembling spell: Merkel suffers new shaking spell, third in a month

Angela Merkel has insisted she is in good health after experiencing a third bout of shaking in as many weeks at a public event in Berlin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) welcomes Finnish Prime Minister Rinne (not pictured) with military honors at the Chancellery in Berlin. Fears about her health were first sparked on June 18, when Merkel was seen shaking while meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Then, she said it was the result of not drinking enough water.

In November 2016, when announcing that she would seek a fourth term as chancellor, Merkel said: "It is a decision not just for an election campaign but about the next four years. if health allows it". "Beyond that, I'm firmly convinced that I'm very well capable".

Merkel refused to answer further questions Wednesday, telling reporters who pressed the issue that "my comments on this are done today".

"Just like how it has come, one day it will go away too".

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According to the Focus website, the shaking affected her whole body and lasted over a minute.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives Finland's new Social Democrat Prime Minister Antti Rinne with military honours at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, July 10, 2019. She has shown no sign since of wanting to give up the chancellorship before her term is up. Her office has given no explanation for the shaking episodes.

Public figures' health is generally regarded as a private matter in Germany and the country's privacy laws are very strict on that type of information.

Still, following the first two bouts of shaking, Merkel shuttled to Japan and back for the Group of 20 summit and attended overnight marathon negotiations in Brussels over European Union top jobs.

Veteran TV actor Walter Sittler will be seen playing German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, while upcoming actor Orlando Suss will star as the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, both of whom played key roles in the crisis.

She announced a year ago that once her term ends in 2021, she will not seek a fifth term, nor will she pursue any other political job thereafter. In subsequent days, she appeared to be fine, joking about the incident.