Adam Silver: Smart teams like Nets rewarded in free agency

Adam Silver: Smart teams like Nets rewarded in free agency

They agreed to deals with superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving as part of a sensational start to free agency, giving the longtime No. 2 team in NY top billing in the Big Apple.

Speaking to the media in Las Vegas at his annual July press conference on Tuesday, Silver said the trade demands are "disheartening" and that they have to be "addressed" in some manner. Again, I think we have some work to do there when it comes to free agency.

"And whether that's by virtue of practice, whether it's because just the world around us has changed, whether it's because players have power that they didn't use to have. let's step back, let's reset, let's talk to our players' association about what system makes sense going forward".

"My job is to enforce a fair set of rules for all our teams and a set of rules that are clear and make sense for everyone", said Silver. "I think right now we're not quite there", Silver added.

"I will say, without getting into any specific circumstances, trade demands are disheartening. There's an expectation if you have a contract and it's guaranteed that the team is going to meet the terms of the contract, and the expectation on the other side is the player is going to meet the terms of the contract", said Silver.

The NBA's Board of Governors approved the change on Tuesday evening.

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The league will now have a "courtside administrator", a new position hired and supervised by the NBA's league office, positioned at the scorer's table to speed up the communication between the replay center and the on-court referees.

Addressing trade demands, however, seems even more hard. But when the issue revolves around the individual desires of certain players, it's hard to develop league-wide mandates to affect meaningful change without unforeseen side effects leading to other issues.

The NBA's competition committee proposed both changes, and they earned unanimous support from the league's 30 teams. They'll "twirl his/her index finger toward the referees" to signal for the challenge.

Sources: Besides approving coach's challenge, Board of Governors approved replay center's ability - in addition to game refs - to trigger instant replay. All technical and flagrant fouls that occur during or right after a call being challenged will stand regardless of the result of the challenge.

Silver is right, in that players demanding trades are nothing new, not in the National Basketball Association or even other professional sports. The NBA wants to give Secaucus the authority to review questionable two or 3-point shots without the officiating crew asking for it, as well as shot-clock violations.