'Ridiculous' statue of Melania Trump unveiled near hometown in Slovenia

'Ridiculous' statue of Melania Trump unveiled near hometown in Slovenia

Sevnica has develop to be a tourist magnet ever since Donald Trump turned into elected U.S. president in 2016, and Ms Trump - a eminent extinct resident - turned the first girl.

Some Twitter users were certain the first lady was making a statement of support for the LGBT community, unlike her husband who failed to recognize the observance of Pride month in his first two years as president and has made an effort prohibit transgender people from serving in the military.

Though Melania Trump and her office may never reveal what intention she had wearing a rainbow dress on July 4, the New York Times on Friday noted that she has worn red, white and blue on other Independence Day celebrations, and that the first lady "knows her symbolism". The statue's face has crude eyes and a mouth scraped into the wood, with a bulbous chunk of wood for a nose, and looks nothing like the first lady.

The actual sculptor is Ales Zupevc, a local artist also known as Maxi.

The Daily Beast noted another local told that the sculpture doesn't resemble Melania at all.

Entrepreneurial locals have been cashing in on the influx, offering a bewildering array of Melania-branded food and merchandise as well as a tour of the area taking in the key sites of her early years.

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"Perhaps we are simply trying vigorously to make sense of things that might only be a slapstick prank", it says in a leaflet.

But Mr Downey defended his art work, insisting it was "absolutely beautiful".

Some residents described it as "a disgrace", a "Smurfette", asserting "it would no longer discover the leisure fancy Melania".

Another resident said they admired the height of the statue.

"You see this river that she would have seen as a child, you see the mountains", he said.