Facebook blames mangled maintenance for Instagram and WhatsApp mega-outage

Facebook blames mangled maintenance for Instagram and WhatsApp mega-outage

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users experienced technical issues that significantly affected their overall browsing experience.

Of those who reported issues on Instagram, 82% said troubles were with the news feed. Personal observation and inspection of the app's current outages also showed that recently uploaded photos and videos to Instagram stories would not load when clicked on by viewers.

The last few break down demonstrate us that even they work as independent platforms, they are all linked together as they work on invisible processes we are not aware of that can break at the same time.

On WhatsApp, the issue was confined to users being unable to download files, including pictures, audios and videos, but could still send and receive messages. So when their frequented social media platforms suffered a rather long downtime, many tried to occupy themselves with other things.

Most users affected were in the United Kingdom with the outage lasting for more than half an hour.

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Facebook has said the issue was triggered during a routine maintenance operation.

However some people on Twitter, which is working fine, seem to be seeing the lighter side. "Social media breakdown is the only thing that unites the world", said another user. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were down for 11 hours last day.

On June 3, millions of users across the world faced inconvenience after the three major social media platforms, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram experienced a global outage.

Issues were particularly focused on the east coast of the USA, according to the tracking website Down Detector.

On Twitter, Instagram confirmed that the app is now experiencing difficulties that are causing "some people" to have trouble "uploading or sending images and videos". "We're sorry for any inconvenience". "Please try again.", were repeatedly shown to the users. In some cases a blurred thumbnail image was visible in timelines and chat threads, but tapping on the image resulted in an error message and users were unable to see the images either clearly or at all.