Princess Haya seeks sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth's palace

Princess Haya seeks sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth's palace

Sources close to the princess have said she had recently discovered disturbing facts behind the mysterious return to Dubai past year of Sheikha Latifa, one of the ruler's 23 children by different wives.

Who are Princess Haya and Sheikh Mohammed?

The Dubai Ruler announced via social media that he has issued an instruction to evaluate 600 government service centres across Dubai, with the five best - and worst - performing centres to be named publicly.

File Photo: Princess Haya bint al-Hussein of Jordan with her husband at Royal Ascot.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum is belived to have more than 20 children with several different wives.

However, other reports have claimed Princess Haya is now in hiding in London and has taken £31 million ($39 million) to "start her new life" in the United Kingdom capital.

The 32-year-old Latifa fled the UAE by sea in February 2018 with the help of a Frenchman, but was intercepted by armed Emirati commandos off the Indian coast and returned to Dubai, according to Business Insider.

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'She went along with what was said after Latifa escaped a year ago but found out for herself what she had endured and asked herself, what kind of man puts his own daughter in prison?'

But human rights campaigners criticised Robinson, saying she failed to answer critical questions lingering over the princess's nine-month disappearance and meanwhile gave credence to a whitewashed version of events. In a video recorded before Latifa fled, she claimed to have been held and tortured by her father's regime.

Bottom right: the Kensington mansion Princess Haya is said to be living in.

Multiple news outlets have reported that Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, the former president of the Fédération Equestre Internationale, has fled the United Arab Emirates with her two children, reportedly seeking asylum.

"O sweetheart, there's nothing more to say./Your deathly silence has worn me out", he wrote in one poem posted on his official website. He did post on Instagram on 10 June, accusing an unidentified woman of "treachery and betrayal".

Beyond his political power, Sheikh Mohammed is one of the world's richest men, with a particular interest in horse racing. He has close ties with Queen Elizabeth and is a regular guest at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Royal Ascot.

A family source said: 'Princess Haya finally learned the truth about what her husband did to his own daughter and feared the same could happen to her. She is an advocate for improving health care, and food aid, for those in the Middle East, particularly children.