Watch Rihanna and Seth Meyers Drink Cocktails Inspired Her Songs

Watch Rihanna and Seth Meyers Drink Cocktails Inspired Her Songs

Seth Meyers went day drinking with Rihanna at NYC's Jane Hotel and had quite a date in which multiple shots, beers, and drinks were consumed.

Pro-tip: if you're going to day drink, you should definitely do it with Rihanna. Getting an answer wrong would cause her to take a shot while correct answers would force Meyers to drink. Libations included "Under My Rumbrella", "Diamonds in the Rye" and "We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place". He also managed to get Rihanna have a champagne along with a twinkie. When Rihanna asked Meyers what career path she should take if she were to quit music, Meyers told her she should be a pilot.

Then, Seth and Rihanna played drinking games, where the late night host would ask Ri-Ri questions by showing her paparazzi photos of her donning different outfits and asking her to name the occasion where she wore the outfits, Entertainment Tonight explains.

Afterwards, Rihanna agreed to let Meyers try out a series of pick-up lines to show that, even though he's married, he's still got game.

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Rihanna closes the segment by giving Meyers a makeover with her Fenty Beauty products and dancing it out to her hit "Work" - Watch here!

The two finished their booze-filled day attempting to sing Rihanna's hit song, "Work", but it was an epic fail, which isn't a surprise since it's already a tough song to sing sober.

We first heard earlier this week that Rih would be appearing alongside Seth Meyers on his show, but with our fave being the way she is, it would instead be just as spicy as Rih herself.

Seth hosted Rihanna's Diamond Ball previous year.