NY to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

NY to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

Michael Ranzenhofer (R-C-I, Amherst), thinks the bill does not adequately provide undocumented immigrants the same protections offered in 12 other states.

Cuomo signed the bill even after he asked the state's civil attorney, Solicitor General Barbara Underwood, to look at the bill for any legal weaknesses.

The Senate approved the Green Light Bill with 33 votes to 29, and the result was met with cheers and shouts from the gallery.

Gov. Cuomo has previously stated he supports such a bill, but on Monday voiced concerns of agencies targeting new license holders based on their immigration status.

"Obviously in responding to this question, we ask that you assume a Federal legal challenge to such a NY law should it be enacted, and take into consideration similar laws or circumstances in other states, as well as our current data sharing process with the Federal Government", Cuomo's counsel Alphonso David wrote.

Illegal immigrants can now obtain a driver's license in NY.

'The legislation is well crafted and contains ample protections for those who apply for driver's licenses, ' James wrote in a statement. "This is the right step forward for NY state as we continue to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform on the federal level".

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Illegal immigrants in the state of NY will soon be able to obtain driver's licenses, under a new law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Monday night.

"Gov. Cuomo has supported this policy for over a decade", David said in a statement. NY joins 12 other states and the District of Columbia in allowing illegal immigrants to drive, and New Jersey is now considering a similar measure.

"This is not about driver's licenses, this is about law and order and the United States" right to defend the sanctity and sovereignty of our borders, ' said Sen. "We hope the attorney general's assessment is correct for the safety of the thousands of undocumented individuals who are relying on her legal opinion". Lawmakers initially reversed the practice in 2008 to comply with federal ID laws, then backtracked and voted to reinstate licenses for undocumented immigrants in 2013.

The authors of the study suggested that, before the law took effect, illegal immigrants were more likely to flee the scene of an accident because their vehicles were unregistered and they feared having them impounded.

A recent Siena poll showed that 53 percent of the voters statewide opposed the law, while 41 percent showed support for it.

He also said it will improve safety on the roads.