Huawei says preparing Hongmeng OS rollout to replace Android

Huawei says preparing Hongmeng OS rollout to replace Android

Chinese technology giant Huawei is in the process of launching its "Hongmeng" operating system (OS) to replace Google's Android OS, the firm's vice president of public affairs and communications Andrew Williamson, has said.

On the subject of apps, Huawei has clarified that the Mate X will come with Android out of the box as the device was announced before the company was put on the Entity List.

According to reports, cited by the Business Times, Huawei will concentrate on equipping the budget smartphone division with the HongMeng OS, while flagship devices will have to wait a little longer since the company-owned OS does not have a wide app ecosystem yet.

Latest Huawei move came forth amid a crippling USA blow to its supply chain, barring it from purchasing products from its U.S. suppliers including the Google parent US-based Alphabet Inc., whose Android OS were being used in Huawei's phones before United States ban.

Similarly, reports suggest that the new OS is launching on Huawei Mate 30 launch in this fall, whereas the P40 is referenced as an alternative.

The countries being mentioned are Cambodia, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand, besides Peru and the European Union.

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It's claimed that the Huawei mobile OS will be 60 per cent faster than Android.

The company has denied that its products pose a security threat. This status quo would be broken if Huawei released its own operating system - even more so if it does in the world's biggest smartphone market, China.

But the world's number one manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and number two vendor of smartphones is sure doing everything it can to be prepared for any and all scenarios, including an increasingly likely situation in which the company would need to quickly roll out a homebrewed replacement for the most popular mobile operating system.

Huawei's ambition to become the world's top-selling smartphone maker by the fourth quarter of this year are now delayed, a senior Huawei executive said this week.

Micron Technology Inc's CEO Sanjay Mehrotra said at the WSJ conference on Friday that the ban on Huawei brings "uncertainty and disturbance" to the semiconductor industry.