Huawei Reassessing Plan To Become World's Bestselling Smartphone OEM

Huawei Reassessing Plan To Become World's Bestselling Smartphone OEM

Bloomberg June 4 at 5:00 AM U.S. President Donald Trump has made the economic confrontation with China about much more than tariffs, with a move to cut off U.S. supplies from its biggest telecommunications company, Huawei Technologies Co.

On 15 May, Donald Trump issued an executive order effectively banning Huawei from the USA market for purportedly posing a national security risk. Strategy Analytics also expects Huawei smartphone shipments to shrink by about 24 percent this year and by 23 percent next year. The ban applies to goods that have 25% or more of USA -originated technology or materials, and may affect non-American firms.

Its services include video surveillance and airport cloud systems as well as wifi services and storage servers.

"Demand from Huawei has dropped so far this year", Liu said.

Supporters of the ban, however, argued that Chinese digital spying on US companies had gone on for too long with impunity - and that the Trump administration was right to take bold action against a company they believe is tightly tied to the Chinese state.

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"Because this trust is not one day trust". The Chinese firm represents 15% of Qorvo's total revenue in the year ended March 30.

He added, "The US has not brought from us, it not buying from us and doesn't have plans to buy from us". "This will only accelerate China's technological independence and end up impacting the USA economy longer term", warned Mark Weatherford, a former Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity official who's now a global information security strategist at Booking Holdings. A few Chinese companies reportedly banned their employees from buying Apple products. We're still unsure as we didn't get any UI/UX of their new OS so right now it is not the flawless time to comment on this situation. "We have some of the best cybersecurity capability in the world and we'd never take a decision that affected our intelligence sharing capability with the United States".

If the United States persisted with its moves, Liu said, it would "force us to use Plan B", referring to heavy investments in new technology, including developing its own chips. Last year, tensions reached a fevered pitch after the U.S issued an arrest warrant for Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, on charges related to breaching American sanctions against Iran, among other allegations.

Last month, Britain's National Security Council, chaired by May, recommended Huawei should be allowed to build some parts of Britain's 5G networks, putting Britain in conflict with USA demands, people familiar with the meeting said.