At Least Four Dead in Darwin, Australia, Mass Shooting

At Least Four Dead in Darwin, Australia, Mass Shooting

At least four people have been killed and one injured in a mass shooting in the Australian city of Darwin.

"The guy that actually carried her up was pretty frantic at the time, saying he had opened the door and there was a gunman there with a shotgun and he proceeded to fire upon anybody inside the building".

Police responded to the suburb of Stuart Park Tuesday night at around 7:00 p.m. local time over reports of multiple shots fired, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Chris Dalgleish, who was having a beer on the balcony of the Frontier Hotel pub across the road from the Palms, said people heard shots and raced inside the pub when they realised it was a gun.

The shooting rampage has raised questions about why Hoffman was released in January after serving a non-parole period of four years of his six-year sentence, given his extensive criminal history. He's now in hospital and was reportedly wearing an electronic tracking bracelet when arrested.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner has asked for a report from the Parole Board on Hoffmann and another review of all people now on parole and on electronic monitoring.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned the attack as "a bad act of violence".

Commander Wurst said NT Police had developed a "new link" to an online tool called overnight, to be used by witnesses of the shootings as a central database to upload evidence including mobile phone footage.

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Polls show more than 90 per cent support in Australia for the two-decade-old gun regime, but the country has been loosening its laws in recent years and gun sales are increasing.

"Based on what we do know now, it is highly likely that two victims were known to him and the other two were not", Mr Kershaw told reporters.

But experts say what makes the Darwin case different is that it's the first mass shooting since then that was not isolated to one property and which used an illegal weapon.

It was not terror-related, they added.

Witness John Rose told the ABC the gunman walked into Palms Motel on with "a sawn-off shotgun".

A former friend told the newspaper: "He was just a normal guy growing up but at some stage, maybe 15 or 16 years ago, we drifted to a normal life, and he drifted to a life of drugs and crime".

"This is a awful act of violence that is already, I have been advised, taken the lives of four people", Mr Morrison said.