The Only Thing that Works with Iran is Respect,' Iranian FM Said

The Only Thing that Works with Iran is Respect,' Iranian FM Said

"We have shown that we do not submit to bullying and covetous powers", he said. Such companies are among the biggest on the Tehran Stock Exchange as they rely on cheap, locally produced hydrocarbons for their feedstock, said Hamid Moghadam, the director of the global department at the Tehran Stock Exchange. "We aren't looking for regime change - I just want to make that clear", Trump said.

But he said Tehran would not allow Washington to force it to the table.

The Trump administration has delayed new, tougher sanctions on Iran's petrochemical sector, said people familiar with the matter, as it seeks to dial back tensions that have threatened to spiral out of control. "I think all the senior officials are trying to avoid the perception that Trump is off the reservation or that the policy has changed, and that the U.S. is only interested in a fix of the nuclear deal".

"There is an adjustment in Pompeo's tone, no doubt due to President Trump's keen interest in getting talks started", DiMaggio, now with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told Al-Monitor. The Guardian reports in its article Iran: Pompeo offer of talks without pre-conditions is "word play" that Iran dismissed the offer as "word play".

"I think this is coming about surely at the initiative of the president", DiMaggio continued.

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It may progress in the market, but not with Iran, Yavad Zarif said, and added that it can be effective with other nations in a short period and not in the long term, "but not with Iran in a short period, or in the medium and long term".

However, Zarif said that Iran is so powerful that it can stand against any threat. "Unless and until that is addressed, I don't see any room for progress". On the contrary, as Mr Trump has made clear at his press conference in Japan, where he is now on a state visit, his main objective is to agree a new deal with Tehran, one that, unlike Mr Obama's flawed arrangement, addresses all aspects of Iran's nuclear ambitions, as well as its malign activities in the Middle East.

In principle, sales of petrochemicals, including ammonia, methanol and urea, are already banned under existing USA sanctions but enforcement hasn't been robust.

Now Mr Rouhani finds himself under renewed pressure at home as the latest round of sanctions takes its toll on the Iranian economy. Some give on secondary sanctions might also be a face-saving way to move forward, she suggested.