Alleged Galaxy M40 specs show new triple camera but smaller battery

Alleged Galaxy M40 specs show new triple camera but smaller battery

If the Korean tech giant indeed eliminates the 3.5mm audio jack on the Galaxy Note 10, there's a chance that it will also be absent in next year's Galaxy S models.

Samsung could be making some major changes to the Galaxy Note design with the next iteration.

As for the second point regarding the lack of physical buttons, this means the Note 10 won't have power, volume, or Bixby buttons.

As for the headphone jack, Samsung is one of the only device manufacturers to have stuck with the headphone jack on high end devices but it seems that might be at an end.

Either way, Samsung will ideally, like to avoid another Galaxy Note 7 debacle by making sure the units that get into the hands of actual paying customers is a premium experience and the first glance into what the company could be mainstreamed in the not-too-distant future.

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Samsung will unveil the Note 10 phones in August, so there's plenty of time left to learn everything about their rear and front-facing cameras. This design did not "pass Samsung's rigorous testing" though, so it has been dropped in favour of a design with physical buttons.

We're expecting Samsung to launch the Galaxy Note 10 in the next two or three months, and when the phone is finally unveiled, it might look a lot different compared to past Note devices.

You can trade in your old phone for a predetermined value and use that value to purchase a Galaxy S10. The phone is teased to feature a punch-hole display, a triple camera setup on the back, and a Snapdragon 600 series processor at its core.

Battery is expected to be 5,000mAh on the Galaxy M40, given the Galaxy M20 and M30 both had this same size and Samsung is likely to continue with this feature in order to make these phones stand out.