Apple updates iPod touch with A10 chipset and new 256GB storage option

Apple updates iPod touch with A10 chipset and new 256GB storage option

It includes support for augmented reality apps, for example, which also work on the latest iPads and iPhones and allow people to place digital objects on top of the real world. On the front, we will be looking at the same 4-inch Retina display with 1136 by 640 pixels resolution. The 32GB retails for $199, the 128GB model sells for $299, and the new 256GB model will run you $399.

The new iPod comes in pink, silver, space grey, gold, blue and red (as part of the RED campaign).

Apple hadn't updated the iPod since 2015, and the enhancements will support Apple's new services, such as Apple News+, Apple Arcade for games and Apple TV+, due to hit later this fall with original programming. I had the second and third gen models before graduating to Apple's smartphone (and the iPad), and if it wasn't for that, I'd probably be an Android user with a Samsung Galaxy S10. It's not quite the latest and greatest but it's a decent step-up from the A8 found on the previous model. It's not always a question of processor, but for the most part it's that central component which forms the bottleneck for new features.

Speaking of subscriptions, Apple is heavily advertising the iPod Touch's compatibility with Apple Arcade, the company's upcoming game subscription service. Rs 30,000). Apple hasn't announced the availability of the device in India as of yet. Apple has also added a new 256GB variant.

What can you do with the new iPod touch?

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Apple News+ was launched in the USA and Canada in English and French and will be available later this year in Britain and Australia, the company said.

Apple has priced the iPod touch to be the most affordable new iOS device you can get.

Where does all this leave the iPhone SE? It'll have a month fee attached to it, like Apple Music and Apple News+.

Like the old iPod touch until today, though, the iPhone SE has been left to languish. So far, however, Apple has shown little inclination to update it.