Trump Reacts to Senate Subpoena for Son Donald Trump Jr

Trump Reacts to Senate Subpoena for Son Donald Trump Jr

When the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday to answer questions about Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, Republicans immediately berated their colleague Richard Burr, the Republican chair of the committee.

Blumenthal said that he's prepared to jail the president's son if he refuses to cooperate with the subpoena. "He may be the president's son but he's not above the law and he has no privilege whatsoever".

The special counsel's report on Russian Federation and the 2016 election notes some contradictions in what Trump Jr. told the Senate committee and what some witnesses told special counsel investigators.

A statement from Trump Jr.'s camp slammed Burr as a "so-called Republican" and called him "too cowardly to stand up to" Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., whom the statement referred to as Burr's apparent "boss".

Trump Jr. had appeared before the panel previously to answer questions from committee staff, according to congressional sources. Trump also said he had already testified for a "massive amount of time". Why didn't Sen. Burr "get the memo?"

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Committee ranking member Sen.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., ripped those fellow Republicans calling for Trump return to Capitol Hill, saying in a tweet that "endless investigations by either party won't change the fact there was NO collusion". Multiple Republicans had coalesced around Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's talking point of "case closed" in recent days, but now Democrats can argue that even members of the President's own party don't agree that all Russian Federation inquiries should end immediately. "He said he was only peripherally aware of the negotiations in Moscow for Trump Tower there when apparently he was briefed extensively".

Mueller's report, released last month, says Cohen recalled being in Trump's office "when Trump Jr. told his father that a meeting to obtain adverse information about Clinton was going forward".

The Virginia Democrat said the intelligence panel also wants to see the underlying evidence in Mueller's report, a request that House lawmakers have also made.