BJP eyes election boost from Masood Azhar's ban by UN

BJP eyes election boost from Masood Azhar's ban by UN

Some Twitter users hit out quickly at Congress President Rahul Gandhi for mocking Modi when China last rejected a move to ban Azhar in March.

The United States, Britain and France had initially asked the UN Security Council's Islamic State and al Qaeda sanctions committee to subject the JeM founder to an arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze in February.

The Foreign Office said the statement re-confirmed Pakistan's longstanding concerns that the technical forum was being politicised by India against Pakistan.

China had on Tuesday said that "positive progress" had been made on listing Azhar. "Many members have placed technical holds on various listing proposals", the spokesperson said.

The UN has designated the leader of a militant group behind a deadly bomb attack that brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war as a terrorist.

Masood Azhar is the chief of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad, which was behind the Pulwama terror attack in which 40 soldiers were killed in February, India's NDTV said in a report.

"The Indian government has consistently worked towards declaring Masood Azhar a global terrorist for 15 years".

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"At the next FATF Plenary in June, Pakistan will be obligated to take action as per FATF procedures", said Kumar.

The current listing proposal had been agreed after all political references, including removal of attempts to link it with Pulwama and maligning the legitimate struggle of the Kashmiris in IOK for realization of the right to self-determination, he said. The Committee procedures allow members to place technical holds to provide additional time for further discussions to reach a common understanding on matters under its consideration.

About 500,000 Indian security forces are stationed in Kashmir, tasked with battling various armed groups.

Pompeo congratulated his country's United Nations mission on their efforts in the negotiations and said: "the long-awaited action is a victory for American diplomacy ... and an important step towards peace in South Asia".

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry issued a notification on Wednesday which stated: "The Federal Government is pleased to order that the Resolution 2368 (2017) be fully implemented" against Masood Azhar. "This is an issue left over from the past between India and Pakistan and should be properly resolved through consultation and negotiation by relevant parties", the spokesman said.

China's shift was the result of pressure mainly from the broader global community, and not just unilateral pressure from the Indian government, he said. Pakistan had been taken into confidence during the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China that Beijing was no longer to stop JeM from being declared a global terrorist.