Trump goes retweet insane against Biden, firefighters union

Trump goes retweet insane against Biden, firefighters union

2020 Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden talks to reporters after ordering an ice cream cone at the Cone Shoppe during a two-day campaign kickoff in Monticello, Iowa, U.S. April 30, 2019.

Biden and Buttigieg were the only candidates to show significant gains from CNN's March survey, with the former receiving an 11-point surge in support and the latter posting a 6 percent increase.

Biden's lead extends across most every major demographic or political group, though it shrinks some among younger voters (31% Biden to 19% Sanders among those under age 45), liberals (32% Biden to 19% Sanders) and whites (29% Biden to 15% Sanders among white voters). Trump has done more for firefighters than the "dues sucking union" and gets paid "ZERO", he said.

"That is inspiring. You want to stand up for American values and maybe buy a reverse mortgage", Colbert said to laughter from his studio audience as he added, "It seemed like an ad".

Calling the ad "powerful stuff, and true, ' Colbert commended Biden for getting Trump's knickers knotted over that video". The former vice president said he believed there was "without any question" Russian Federation meddling during the 2016 election and that Congress should act swiftly to assess whether or not Trump obstructed justice by trying to block the inquiry.

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When asked if he could defeat Trump, Mr Biden said: "Whether I win the nomination is going to depend on the Democrats, and whether or not I beat Donald Trump is going to depend on the American people".

The bulk of Biden's speech was devoted to contrasting the economic bonanza for corporate America under the Trump administration, particularly from Trump's tax cut for the wealthy, to the meager results for working-class families, although he invariable referred to workers as the "middle class", as Democratic politicians have become accustomed to do over many decades in order to blur the reality of class divisions between the proletariat and the financial aristocracy.

The former vice president also addressed Trump's remarks about unions, whose members could make the difference in post-industrial states Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. "Labor built the middle class in this country". The weekly tracking poll shows Biden with support from 36% of Democratic primary voters nationwide, a six-point bump from last week. "We need a President who honors them and their work".

Democrats now have 20 candidates to pick from.

Mr Biden has said on the case: "I'm sorry she was treated the way she was treated". Pennsylvania was one of three previously reliably Democratic industrial states that Trump captured in 2016.