Read the Mueller Report

Read the Mueller Report

Party leaders have cautioned against impeachment just 18 months before the November 2020 presidential election, although prominent liberals have demanded the start of proceedings to remove Trump from office since the release of a redacted version of Mueller's report on Thursday. He said Democrats' current focus is to "go where the evidence leads us".

"This is the end of my Presidency". Romney stated that he is "sickened" by the level of dishonesty from Trump's administration.

"To ignore a President's repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country", writes Warren.

In the redacted report, Mueller said he considered bringing charges over the Trump Tower meeting but ultimately did not obtain admissible evidence that the campaign officials involved knew the actions were illegal. A date was set for that to take place at Camp David. But for the fact that he is the sitting president, he would, most likely, be an indicted criminal at this time. What defense attorney wouldn't take a crack at that?

This is especially important to remember when the conversation turns to obstruction of justice, where the Mueller Report details a number of truly troubling incidents in which a reasonable person could conclude that the President of the United States attempted to obstruct the conduct of an ongoing investigation.

Those private complaints were dwarfed by louder public protests.

Trump has long claimed he was the victim of a witch hunt.

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Giuliani, in many ways more of a television spokesman than conventional lawyer, amplified those attacks.

At the moment, the Democratic plan is to use the Mueller Report as a jumping off point for further hearings and investigations. He was a punch line on cable news channels, and his interviews were mocked as blunder-filled performances. At least one interaction caught Mueller's attention as a possible effort to discourage a witness from cooperating against the president. Sam Nunberg, one of Trump's former political advisers, recalled him saying, "I can't believe what people put in e-mails".

His comments echoed Trump, who mocked Romney on Twitter Sunday, after lashing out Friday at the "bullshit" Mueller report. "But I don't understand what he thinks he gets by being the contrarian in the Senate for the Republicans and always trying to always make Donald Trump look bad", said Huckabee. Democrats, however, spent the last two years insisting that both of those things were true.

Mueller never acted to subpoena Trump.

Mueller explicitly did not exonerate Trump in the report on the question of obstruction, citing in part Justice Department guidelines that a sitting president shouldn't be indicted.

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