Easter celebrated in Kerala

Easter celebrated in Kerala

Dear brothers and sisters, Easter is the renewal of life and hope.

He was delivering a summon on Easter Sunday in the Upper West Regional capital where hundreds of worshippers converged at the Wa Assemblies of God (AG) Church to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This special occasion is a time of reflection, and a chance to spend quality time with loved ones while taking part in festivities or community gatherings.

"For by one sacrifice he has made flawless forever those who are being made holy".

The bishop made the call in an interview with newsmen yesterday in Lafia after celebration the Easter mass, and said that the call was imperative given the rate some Nigerians were taking the lives of fellow humans.

"Easter Sunday changes the history of humanity, for the righteous, death is a mere passageway, not the end, death will not have the final word, but love and God will; Jesus conquered the devil, death, sin and darkness".

"Easter shows that Jesus Christ has power over death, grave, it gives Christians hope, it shows that he who believes in Christ has eternal life; Jesus Christ is the resurrection and life".

"Jesus is risen from the dead and He conquered death so that we don't die again but resurrect with Him", said Pastor Emmanuel Gberekpee, from Zion Temple.

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THIS week, the world looked on in horror as Notre Dame Cathedral, icon of Paris and a building that has stood for more than 800 years, was engulfed in flames.

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This Easter and all the days to come.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan extended his Easter greetings to the people of Kerala through his Twitter handle.

The governor said incidents of insurgency, banditry, armed robbery, kidnapping, corruption and many other crimes bedevilling our country could be addressed by prayers as well as inculcating in the youth the right Christian doctrines at early age. Easter Sunday, one of the most important dates in Christian traditions, will take place this weekend - but what happened on Easter Sunday and why do we celebrate it?

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