Google Home lineup now supports YouTube Music’s free ad-supported service

Google Home lineup now supports YouTube Music’s free ad-supported service

Amazon resumed sales of those products after the YouTube app was pulled, but neither company allowed their services to be used by the other with customers feeling the brunt of the software embargo. New owners (who, by the way, can take advantage of this fantastic Google Home deal) can go through this process during initial set-up. If your smart speaker is supported by Google Assistant, and you don't mind seeing some ads while listening to YouTube Music, then you are one of those to benefit from this announcement.

Similar to the restrictions from Google with YouTube Music on Google Home devices, you can't play any song you like on the Alexa-enabled devices with this free service.

Amazon and Google appears to have solved their differences and for consumers this is good news, because it will mean the return of the YouTube app on Fire TV Sticks.

With this move, YouTube app will now be available on Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs, while Amazon's OTT service will be available to Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices. "We've got you covered", James Goddard, Software Engineer for YouTube Music wrote in a blog post.

Google has said it will be available in more places "soon". Indeed, Spotify has been giving away free Google Home Mini speakers to its family-plan subscribers in the United States and UK. With the apps incoming, we can assume that Google and Amazon are no longer trying to sabotage each other's video streaming devices anymore.

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Google and Amazon have announced a truce in their ongoing war over streaming technology and features.

If you already own a Google Home device, open the Google Home app and select Account Settings.

The free music streaming service is initially available only on Echo speakers and other Alexa-powered devices, and not on the Amazon Music apps.

TechCrunch has put Spotify's Premium Subscribers at 83 million, while Apple Music passed the 50 million mark earlier this year.