Discredited liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends her constant lying

Discredited liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends her constant lying

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped-by Hannity Thursday night to weigh-in on Attorney General Barr's dramatic press conference; saying the Democrats' total "meltdown" regarding Mueller's final report is "truly astonishing". Should Sarah Sanders hold another, she can expect to spend it in the hot seat.

For instance, Mueller's report shows The New York Times and The Washington Post were correct when they reported in January 2018 that Trump ordered White House counsel Don McGahn to make sure Mueller was sacked, and that McGahn made a decision to resign rather than carry that out. She repeatedly made outlandish statements to the press that were not founded on anything and elaborated on her fabulation when questioned, seething with sanctimonious indignation all the while.

At issue was Mrs. Sanders' claim that "countless" FBI agents had lost confidence in former FBI Director James Comey.

During the press briefing on May 11, 2018, Sanders said she had "heard from countless members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that are grateful and thankful for the president's decision". "I mean, I have heard from a large number of individuals that work at the Federal Bureau of Investigation that said that they're very happy with the president's decision".

In an interview with Mueller's office, she called the first statement a "slip of the tongue".

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But the report also said she acknowledged the comment "was not founded on anything". A reporter asked: "What led you and the White House to believe that he had lost the confidence of the rank and file of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when the Acting Director says it's exactly the opposite?"

And, well, the report did reveal that an terrible lot of them had to steer Trump away from multiple attempts to meddle with Mueller's probe.

"In Ryan's words, Sanders has to got to go because she" has no credibility". "I can speak to my own personal experience", she added. She is actively telling a lie. "This is not just pitting the White House against the press corps that covers the White House".

Sanders has been accused of deceptive practices many times during her almost two-year-long stint as press secretary. Mueller said that while it appeared Trump knew Cohen was lying to Congress, "the evidence available to us does not establish that the president directed or aided Cohen's false testimony".

Her claim about "countless members of the FBI" talking to her was not a "slip of the tongue". The report also notes that Sanders told investigators her misleading claims were simply a "slip of the tongue". "She should be fired, end of story", Ryan said. The president doesn't want to take the fall, so he may make her take the fall.