Turpin Family ‘House of Horrors’ 911 Call

Turpin Family ‘House of Horrors’ 911 Call

"I love both of my parents so much", said one child, Jessica, in a statement read by her brother at Friday's hearing. The 17-year-old complained that she could no longer stomach peanut butter sandwiches - they made her gag.

One of Turpin's sons also read a statement to the courtroom.

The siblings were virtually imprisoned, according to testimony, and the only time they were free to leave their assigned quarters was when both parents were out of the house.

The 911 call was used in court to convict the parents, who will be sentenced on Friday. "But now, I'm taking my life back".

"I'm a fighter, I'm strong and I'm shooting through life like a rocket", she said, as her mother cried and wiped tears from her eyes.

This photo was posted to a Facebook page for "David-Louise Turpin" on July 10, 2016.

The 911 call from the daughter of the California parents that kept their 12 of their 13 children in a house of horrors has been released to the public in chilling detail.

The victims were forbidden to shower a couple of times a year, were unable to use the toilet and none of them had ever seen a dentist. They were sometimes tied up for "weeks or even months at a time", the Riverside District Attorney said previous year. Prosecutors said the parents beat, strangled and starved the kids in an intensifying cycle of abuse dating back to at least 2010 when the family lived in Texas.

"Children are indeed a gift, they are a gift to their parents", Schwartz told the couple, the Desert Sun reported. "Each one of them is a blessing from God", David said.

The children also were beaten, strangled, fed scraps on a schedule and were only allowed to shower once a year, prosecutors said.

Under California law, both will be eligible for parole in 25 years due to their age.

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The case came to light past year when one of the children escaped through a window from the couple's home and called the emergency services. But some of the adults were so malnourished, they looked like young teenagers.

The siblings were isolated from the outside world and were often denied showers, medical care and food, authorities said. The children were forbidden to shower a few times a year and none had ever seen a dentist.

After Louise and David Turpin's guilty plea in February, Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said the couple should die in jail.

The victims told investigators that being tied with ropes was initially a form of punishment.

- The children told harrowing tales of beatings, cagings and being shackled to their beds if they didn't behave to their parent's specifications.

And after years of isolation, Hestrin said, the children seemed to "lack a basic knowledge of life".

But after jumping out a window from the filthy home where she lived with her parents and 12 siblings, she knew enough to punch the digits 9-1-1 into a barely workable cellphone and then began describing years of horrific abuse to a police dispatcher.

Life got more hard after her mother's parents died in 2016.

She struggled to recall her own address, explaining that she rarely got out of the house.

"I can not describe in words what we went through growing up", said the oldest son, now 27.

David and Louise Turpin each pleaded guilty to 14 charges including torture, adult abuse, child endangerment and false imprisonment and more. A judge will deliver their sentencing on April 19, which will be from 25 years to life in prison.