Extinction Rebellion members chain themselves to premier's Montreal office

Extinction Rebellion members chain themselves to premier's Montreal office

The protesters do not resist to arrests and a lot of them are released in a few hours after giving statements at police stations.

However, police said they were limited in the action they could take as the protests were disruptive, rather than violent.

Protesters have been tying up traffic and setting up impromptu encampments at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and at Oxford Circus in London's busy West End entertainment and shopping district. "Targeting public transport in this way would only damage the cause of all of us who want to tackle climate change".

After several "non-violent civil disobedience" protests in recent days, Extinction Rebellion group are set to attempt to "raise the bar" by blocking UK's busiest airport, which is expected to be used by nearly 250,000 people today.

Rebekah Berndt, an event organizer with Extinction Rebellion, the activist group behind the protest, said the arrests were "intentional", adding that the group of people who were arrested had received instructions beforehand.

On Thursday night the Metropolitan police said they had arrested more than 500 people so far and had cancelled leave for some officers over Easter.

Speaking to reporters at Oxford Circus, Dame Emma said her generation had failed to protect the planet for young people.

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Several police officers watched over the group before an XR spokesman announced before midday there were no further plans to cause disruption at the airport.

The home secretary had told police they could use the "full force of the law" to stop illegal demonstrations during the Easter break.

She said she was unable to be at the first day of the protest because she was "away" with her husband as she turned 60.

Cathy Eastburn, 51, Mark Ovland, 35, and Luke Watson, 29, were remanded in custody after they were charged over their alleged involvement in obstructing trains at Canary Wharf station on Wednesday morning.

Campaigners want governments to declare a climate and ecological emergency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025, halt biodiversity loss and be led by new "citizens' assemblies on climate and ecological justice".

Activists are camped out in tents at Parliament Square, and a boat surrounded by protesters is now blocking a major junction in Oxford Circus.