Joker Trailer Reveals First Official Look At Batman’s Father, Thomas Wayne

Joker Trailer Reveals First Official Look At Batman’s Father, Thomas Wayne

Check out the new poster for the film...

To be fair, we don't exactly know what criminal acts Phoenix's character will commit in Joker. Through it all he forces a smile to stay on his face until something goes really wrong - the trailer doesn't show us what finally tips Fleck past the breaking point.

Following the release of the new Joker trailer, we've grabbed sixty images from the trailer to get a better look at the upcoming drama. The trailer shows off Joaquin Phoenix's take on the character, including his suitably disturbing laugh, which Arthur Fleck lets out in a comedy club and then again while dressed as a clown on the subway.

So the latest EW investigation aims to definitively decide if Creed or Phoenix's Joker is more terrifying. DCEU has announced that they will be focusing on stand-alone films more than building a Marvel-like universe and with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and probably Shazam too, this looks like a great decision.

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Twitter user Jeff Lowe said Phoenix met his criteria for a successful Joker by being "someone who can make it their own and unique".

Starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, the first footage from Todd Phillips' Batman spin-off offers up snippets from his life to establish how the villain came to be. "Heath Ledger has ruined it for me, I can't see any other Joker without comparing it to his magical spine chilling performance", one pro-Ledger fan tweeted. Sure, there's a little Killing Joke thrown in, but it also looks like the director has borrowed a thing or two from Martin Scorsese's misunderstood The King of Comedy (which also featured Joker co-star Robert De Niro). "Him & Margot Robbie should've had a Joker x Harley Quinn movie before SS", another one added.

Plus, he'd rather it be a surprise for audiences when it hits theater in October.