Biden Promises To 'Be More Mindful' About Respecting Personal Space

Biden Promises To 'Be More Mindful' About Respecting Personal Space

In an accompanying two-minute video, the former vice president detailed his style of retail politics, asserting his "gestures of support and encouragement" made to men and women alike were always meant to show that he cares.

The New York Times reported Tuesday night that two more women have accused Biden of touching that made them uncomfortable.

In the 2012 incident, writer D.J. Hill said Biden put his hand on her shoulder, then dropped it down her back in a way that made her "very uncomfortable" while Hill and her husband posed for pictures with him at a fundraiser in Minneapolis.

"I get it. I get it".

In the last week, multiple women have come forward to discuss experiences with Biden in which they said he touched them inappropriately.

Biden's video message comes after a weekend statement about the Flores allegation in which the former vice president, through a spokesman, said he did not recall the kissing incident. I'll be much more mindful, that's my responsibility and I'll meet it.

In the video, Biden also dropped a hint that he may soon announce a presidential bid, saying "Folks, in the coming month, I expect to be talking to you about a whole lot of issues, and I'll always be direct with you".

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The former USA vice-president posted a video on Twitter saying he will in future respect personal space.

"But I'll always believe governing - quite frankly, life, for that matter - is about connecting with people", the former vice president continued.

The latest allegations drew a rebuke from Donald Trump, who taunted Biden over claims of unwanted touching by suggesting the potential 2020 frontrunner was being taken down by his party's left wing. I grab men and women by the shoulders and say "you can do this".

The reaction among Democrats has been mixed.

Republicans have meanwhile seized on the allegations in an attempt to disqualify Biden before he formally launches what is expected to be his third run for the presidency. Coons said this week that Biden's behavior did not bother his daughter, who has known the former vice president her whole life. And whether they're women, men, young, old, it's the way I've always been.

The mention was a nod to reports that supporters of rival presidential candidate, left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders, are helping to promote the claims against Biden.