Bernie Sanders Raises $18.2 Million in First 41 Days

Bernie Sanders Raises $18.2 Million in First 41 Days

Candidates vying for the Democratic nomination to be US president began on Monday to disclose how much cash they were able to raise in the first quarter of the year - an early test of their ability to organize and build support.

The number of individual donations fell short of the campaign's established goal of 1 million.

The field of Democrats vying for the right to challenge Republican President Donald Trump includes other candidates with proven fundraising ability, including Beto O'Rourke, the former Texas congressman who said he raised $6.1 million in a day after he entered the race last month.

Yang said roughly 95 percent of his quarterly contributions came after February 11, suggesting that his campaign could report more robust numbers next quarter.

Which is $15 million more than I have ever raised, but is nowhere near the past fundraising totals of Warren ($40+ million raised in 2016) and O'Rourke ($80 million raised in 2018). The average age of the donors was under 39. Twenty percent of those donors had not previously given money to Sanders.

The senator ended the first quarter with $28 million in his campaign account, according to Shakir.

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Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), who announced her candidacy January 21, raised $12 million in the first quarter, she announced Monday.

Sanders has been performing well in presidential polls, typically leading all 2020 candidates who have announced so far, and trailing only potential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden in some surveys.

"With respect to how you finance campaigns, I believe (the source of donations) tells you a little bit about how much liberty you're going to have to govern", Shakir told reporters.

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, announced Monday that his campaign raised $7 million in the opening months of 2019, an impressive haul given he was virtually unknown to most Americans just weeks ago.

Nina Turner, an adviser to the Sanders campaign, said on the press call that "people power is just as important as the money", but the sheer number of small donations show the "energy and synergy this campaign is reflecting all over the country". But contenders with good news to share often release selected numbers to tout their fundraising prowess or grassroots support. But Shakir said the near-miss was an example of the campaign's bold ambitions.

Candidates do not have to disclose full details of their fundraising and spending to the Federal Election Commission until April 15.