Microsoft to host Nindies styled 'ID@Xbox Game Pass' stream next week

Microsoft to host Nindies styled 'ID@Xbox Game Pass' stream next week

Microsoft's upcoming disc-free Xbox One S, codenamed Maverick, is tentatively scheduled to be announced next month.

The name "Xbox One S All-digital" can be seen clearly on the front of the box, which complies with an earlier rumour.

Thanks to plenty of rumors, we've known that a disc-less version of the Xbox One S has been in the works for a few weeks now - even though Microsoft is yet to publicly acknowledge the new console.

No pricing has been revealed, but Windows Central reports that it will have the lowest RRP of all Xbox One consoles.

Rumours about the disc-free console, apparently codenamed Maverick, began a year ago, with the Xbox One S All-Digital name appearing earlier this month.

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The disc-less console will likely be cheaper than the existing Xbox One S, since it ditches the cost of including a Blu-ray drive.

Along with the photographs, WindowsCentral also recieved additional documents, which have indicated that Microsoft plans on launching this new console on 7th May globally.

In terms of design, we expect the All-Digital Edition to look exactly like the Xbox One S - albeit without an eject button and disc drive. At the time the packaging was created there are no indications that Microsoft's Netflix-like subscription service for games, Xbox Game Pass, will be bundled.

Of course, this could all change as nothing is set in stone just yet, so we'll keep our ear to the ground and will update this section as soon as we hear any new release date details.

That's all well and good if you have access to a fast broadband connection, as modern games now number in tens of gigabytes, which on a slow connection can take bloody ages to download. That said, we should be learning more about the existence of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in the very near future.