Malaysians killed, many injured by earthquake-triggered landslide on Lombok

Malaysians killed, many injured by earthquake-triggered landslide on Lombok

Tai was the spouse of China Press editor-in-chief Datuk Teoh Yang Khoon.

He said rescuers managed to evacuate 22 Malaysians and 14 Indonesians from the waterfall site, and 50 others - mostly local surveyors from government institutions, the military and the police - from the mountainous area.

The other Malaysian who was killed has been identified as Mrs Lim Sai Wah, according to the embassy.

"Two people died in the landslide in the Tiu Kelep waterfall after the quake, one of them is a Malaysian", a disaster agency spokesman told Agence France-Presse.

Indonesia's Foreign Ministry has revealed that eight Malaysian nationals have fallen victim to earthquake-triggered landslides at the Tiu Kelep waterfall in North Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara.

At least two people were killed and dozens injured Sunday, March 17, after an natural disaster on the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok triggered a landslide, officials said.

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Reports have indicated that in addition to the two Malaysians killed, one Indonesian also perished, with almost 500 homes being destroyed on the island.

To support the rescue and evacuation efforts, the North Lombok Disaster Mitigation Agency and Health Office authorities had sent several personnel of the emergency medical services and four ambulances to the disaster zone, he told Antara.

As a result of the strong earthquakes, including the 7.0-magnitude quake that shook Lombok Island on August 5, at least 555 people were killed, and 829 others got injured.

The quake was also believed to be 20km deep.

"The body of one more person has been found, wedged between large rocks, in the vicinity of the Tiu Kelep waterfall".