Obama DOJ blocked Federal Bureau of Investigation from scrutinizing Clinton Foundation

Obama DOJ blocked Federal Bureau of Investigation from scrutinizing Clinton Foundation

"When you have the. corrupt triumvirate of [former FBI Agent Peter] Strzok, [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe and Page, when they have been involved from day one from the email controversy, through the original Russian Federation investigation, through the appointment of [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller, this just shows that there is a two-tiered system", Collins said.

Strzok recalled that he disagreed that a candidate's electability should be part of the equation.

No House Republicans voted against the resolution to demand the Mueller report be made public, though some voted "present", a vote that is entered as neither a yes or no.

Strzok also said Comey initially concluded Clinton had shown "gross negligence" in how she handled classified information - a finding that could lead to charges - but dialed that back to "extreme carelessness" by the time he finished his memo. "So my statement there is: We can't consider, we can't take into consideration, the likelihood or unlikelihood of anybody's electoral process".

Collins had released transcripts of the committee's closed-door interview with Page earlier this week. Collins said on the House floor Thursday that he meant to release additional transcripts from that GOP-led probe in the weeks ahead, in the name of transparency. Page has since left the bureau.

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That runs contrary to statements made by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who said the Department would take whatever the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommended.

It is past time for someone to look at the other side of the political coin.

In the transcript, Strzok said the debate over how aggressively to investigate the campaign explained the backstory of a cryptic August 15, 2016, text message he sent Page that has long attracted Republican attention. "The question I want to know is, does anybody other than me believe that?"

Then-FBI official Peter Strzok testifies before House lawmakers in July. The Department of Justice under President Trump has reportedly launched an investigation into whether the foundation acted as a "pay-to-play" scheme.

"And he is saying, no, we have to, you know, do what we have to do in order to get to the bottom of this because it is like an insurance policy".