Beto O'Rourke Supports US Marijuana Legalization

Beto O'Rourke Supports US Marijuana Legalization

Harris fundraised off O'Rourke's entrance into the race, sending an email to supporters that says she looks "forward to engaging in substantive debates with each of these candidates - including the newest to join the race today, Beto O'Rourke - and ultimately selecting a Democratic nominee who will take on and beat Donald Trump in November of 2020".

Just after O'Rourke announced his campaign Thursday morning, another Texan running for president, Julian Castro, released a list of endorsements from Democrats in the state.

"I want to get your reaction to Beto O'Rourke's announcement that he's running for president", CNN's Alisyn Camerota asked the OH senator. "I said, 'Is he insane or is that just the way he acts?' I've never seen hand movement".

Trump also refused to say whether he thought O'Rourke or former Vice President Joe Biden was a more concerning candidate.

King began by asking O'Rourke if he still feels Trump should be impeached.

Menn spoke to O'Rourke about the group while he was running for the U.S. Senate past year, and several other members of the Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC) agreed to go on the record to talk about the group's activities.

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"I could care less about your party persuasion", O'Rourke said.

O'Rourke's announcement comes five months after his senate race against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.

After graduating from Columbia, O'Rourke first moved to Brooklyn, then later returned home to El Paso, where he would become a city councilor and start his political career. "I think of the Cult of the Dead Cow as a great example of that", O'Rourke said.

"Whether that's firing James Comey, the principal investigator into what happened in the 2016 election, or in the light of day, tweeting to your Attorney General, as President Trump did, to end the Russian Federation investigation", O'Rourke continued. "This is not just about having one demographic group".

Trump himself is known for expressive hand gestures, however, and O'Rourke brushed off the comments.

"Hi pot, meet kettle", one person tweeted. "I think it's important to have people that are running from different parts of the country". But his advisers have been signaling to Democratic operatives in Iowa and New Hampshire that the former vice president is ready to make the leap, likely in early April.