First beta version official and available for download

First beta version official and available for download

All you have to do is head over to this link to sign up for the beta program, or download the appropriate Android Q version manually at this link.

Google released the first beta of Android Q yesterday, and as expected, there are a bunch of major features. Google says that it has extended support for Android Q to Pixel and Pixel XL on popular demand. This release will inevitably include ample bugs and half-finished features, but it's the first glimpse of Google's vision for the future of Android. The OS version also supports foldable screens.

Google is further improving its permissions model with Android Q to make it more privacy-friendly. The images are posted on this page on the Android developer site.

Apps will also have access to a quick settings panel that will include all the settings a user would need to update before using an app. Google offers a browser app as an example, which would have a settings panel that includes items like Airplane Mode, WI-Fi, and Mobile Data.

We expect that Google will open the beta up to other devices over time - just as they did with the Android P beta in 2018.

Device location access
Device location access

You'll need a Pixel phone to run Android Q. Any model will work, including the original Pixel and Pixel XL that Google released in 2016. Did you receive the Beta Update? If you don't have a Pixel and still want to give it a go, you can, it's just a bit of a pain: you have to use the Android Emulator and grab the emulator images from the SDK Manager in Android Studio (this really is intended for devs).

Also when you restart your device, the phone will flash a message informing you that your device is running a beta version of Android. The company recommends backing up your data before enrolling your device. Google is also including limits on the access apps will have to photos, videos, audio, and downloaded files on devices. However, the Android Q first preview can be received over-the-air.

Beta 1 will deliver a new Sharing Shortcuts feature that will let the user share content with someone in another app. Check for Android Q update by going to Settings System Advanced System updates.

"Android is right at the center of this innovation cycle, and thanks to the broad ecosystem of partners across billions of devices, Android's helping push the boundaries of hardware and software bringing new experiences and capabilities to users".

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