Justin Trudeau on brewing scandal: Nothing 'inappropriate' happened

Justin Trudeau on brewing scandal: Nothing 'inappropriate' happened

Trudeau and his aides deny doing anything wrong, saying they were only pointing out that prosecution could endanger thousands of people's jobs because a conviction would make the company ineligible for government contracts.

The firm stands accused of paying tens of millions of dollars in bribes between 2001 and 2011 to secure contracts in Libya while dictator Moammar Gadhafi was in power.

"It's a pseudo-scandal. It's crap".

But Scheer dismissed Butts's testimony as "damage control" and said the buck stops with the prime minister, reported the Toronto Sun. "It does suggest to me that the director of public prosecutions ... is also nuts".

But whatever option she chooses, Wilson-Raybould should be re-elected. "These people are delusional".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that an "erosion of trust" and "lack of communication" with his former justice minister led her to resign and accuse him of applying inappropriate pressure in a corruption prosecution - a dispute that has shaken his government.

Since their majority victory October 2015, the Trudeau Liberals have sparked outrage among pro-life and pro-family advocates for their abortion extremism and promotion of homosexuality. It has about 9,000 employees in Canada and more than 50,000 worldwide. He said he's fighting to protect Canadian jobs but also noted the company is facing criminal charges and his country could face job losses.

His mistake was thinking his attorney-general - the nation's top law officer - could resolve his political problem.

Speaking last week, the Ms Wilson-Raybould said late a year ago, she and her aides were pulled into multiple conversations and meetings - "a barrage of people hounding me and my staff" - by senior government officials and the prime minister.

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Canada's Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says Justin Trudeau's cabinet should all quit from a government which is in "total chaos".

Trudeau said his team and everyone in his government has been focused on protecting jobs, and he stressed that "the rule of law remains fully intact". The American media are reporting on two different worlds.

"I think he failed to show true contrition", said Janet Brown, an independent pollster and political analyst based in Calgary, Alberta. Trump said sympathetic things about Russian Federation during the campaign and was elected despite that and other controversies, giving him "the sense that he can do anything and his base will still follow him".

Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes says Trudeau was angry when she told him on February 12 of her plans to announce she was not running in the October federal election. Women make up half of his cabinet.

On Monday, another key minister, Jane Philpott, resigned over Trudeau's handling of the case. He said he continues to believe there was no inappropriate pressure put on her to offer the Montreal-based engineering firm a remediation agreement instead of proceeding to trial for bribery and fraud. "Twice. Remember your reactions?" "What we see now is that she was not open to changing her mind with respect to these decisions".

Wilson-Raybould was involved in the case until January 14, when she was moved from the justice portfolio to veterans affairs in a cabinet shuffle.

In its ruling, the Federal Court said the law is clear that prosecutorial discretion is not subject to judicial review, except for cases where there is an abuse of process.

The Prime Minister's "good boy" image as the "perfect" liberal foil to Trump seems to be irreparably ruined regardless of the ultimate outcome of this scandal in spite of him conceding that there are "more questions to be answered" since it's now been revealed by his own Attorney General's testimony that questionable behavior was taking place at the highest levels of his administration.