Alabama's Tornado Death Toll Of 23 Is Final, Lee County Sheriff Says

Alabama's Tornado Death Toll Of 23 Is Final, Lee County Sheriff Says

Ivey is scheduled to inspect the tornado damage today, with Trump slated to visit on Friday.

Rescue teams continue to search the debris for victims after the violent storm outbreak hit southern Alabama and Georgia, the Florida Panhandle and parts of SC.

"You look and you see all this rubble, but through all this rubble you see something", Kidd said.

Jackie Jones said she and her siblings rushed to her parents' house after the storm passed and nobody answered the phone.

That made conditions especially harrowing for first responders, who were already on their way into the region in the wake of the first storm while the second was already bearing down on the region.

The first lady shared photos of her family arriving at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington for their flight on Air Force One from the air.

An expert says the deadly tornado that struck Beauregard apparently rumbled about 70 miles across two states, ending in neighboring Georgia.

Johnathan's mother, Shamel Hart, told reporters at a news conference about the loss of two children in the family, according to CNN affiliate WRBL.

Alabama meteorologist Eric Snitil tweeted that there had been more tornado deaths in Lee County in one day than in the whole U.S. during 2018.

Officials overseeing the disaster response to a tornado-stricken community in Alabama say all people reported missing have been accounted for with no increase in the death toll.

"She loved learning. She was inquisitive-always had something to contribute to the lesson", Cox said.

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"We knew we were flying because it picked the house up", Morrison said, figuring that the shower's fiberglass enclosure helped them survive.

"Just keep these families in your prayers", Mr Harris said. "We're basically using everything we can get our hands on", the sheriff said.

Their schedule in Lee County is unknown.

"We have addressed that immediately when we do have that", Jones said.

"He had them squeezed tight, and he said when it came through, it just took them", Crisp said.

Then on Tuesday night, they got an unexpected surprise.

Three counties in central Alabama were affected by tornadoes on Sunday.

Forecasters ranked the worst of the outbreak at step four of the six-step Enhanced Fujita scale of tornado strength.

The 340-bed East Alabama Medical Center is about 9 miles from Beauregard and about 20 miles from Smith Station, two Alabama communities where tornadoes hit.

The tornadoes, stirred up by a late-winter "supercell" thunderstorm, toppled mobile homes and uprooted massive trees on Sunday with 274 km per hour winds.

Earlier in the day, members of the Alabama congressional delegation who represent the areas impacted by the March 3 tornadoes sent a letter to Trump in support of Ivey's request for an expedited major disaster declaration for the state of Alabama.