Two more teenagers killed at weekend as knife murders in Britain soar

Two more teenagers killed at weekend as knife murders in Britain soar

In a statement on Sunday, her uncle, Dave Chesney, said "we are all devastated" and added it was a "totally random and unprovoked attack".

Ahead of the meeting, spokespeople from a number of police bodies called for funding for more officers.

Official statistics show the number of active police officers throughout the United Kingdom has fallen every year since 2010, from 171,600 active officers nine years ago to fewer than 150,000 last year.

He blames cuts to police forces for making the problem worse.

Emerging from the meeting this lunchtime, Mr Javid said he'd been questioned over resources for a "surge" operation on those carrying knives.

Sajid Javid has said the government must listen to police chiefs' demand for more resources after they asked the home secretary for emergency cash to fund an immediate rise in the number of officers in England to tackle knife crime.

Britain's most senior police officer, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, clashed with the Prime Minister on the issue on Tuesday, insisting there is "obviously" a connection between reductions in officer numbers and street violence.

Such was the level of concern that Theresa May vowed to tackle the root causes of the knife crime crisis, but was also forced to deny claims that cuts in police numbers had contributed to a series of brutal stabbings around the country.

She told the BBC: "We just haven't got the capacity, we just haven't got the officers at the moment so we need some money now to pay for overtime to pay for mutual aid between forces".

And on Wednesday Sara Thornton, chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council, said: "Look at the facts, there are fewer police officers doing less policing and there's more crime.".

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Yousef Makki, also 17, was killed in Greater Manchester on Saturday.

Jodie was with friends near a children's playground in Harold Hill when she was approached by two males and knifed in the back in a seemingly motiveless attack.

The number of black people being stopped and search has fallen from 117 per 1,000 in 2010 to 29 per 1,000 past year.

"Police alone won't sort this out. we can't arrest our way out of this problem", she said.

"This has to stop, there are too many young people having their lives cut short by needless violence".

Evidence suggests the way to stop young people being stabbed does not lie exclusively with the criminal justice system.

Relative Karen Chesney appealed on Facebook for support for a petition calling for a 10-year jail term for knife possession and 25 years for using a knife.

"The only person who believes this rubbish is Theresa May and I'm afraid".

Mrs May, who was home secretary from 2010 to 2016, argued earlier this week that there was "no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers".