Canada to allow extradition case against Huawei executive

Canada to allow extradition case against Huawei executive

Meng served on the board of Skycom, a Hong Kong based company that is alleged to have done business with Iran in 2009 and 2014 in violation of U.S. sanctions.

"The decision follows a thorough and diligent review of the evidence in this case", according to the statement.

"During the extradition hearing, the Crown will make its detailed arguments in its submissions to the Court, where evidence will be filed and become part of the public record", the Department of Justice Canada said.

China's embassy said it was "utterly dissatisfied".

"This is a severe political incident", Mr Lu said.

U.S. authorities filed nearly two dozen charges against Huawei - the world's second largest smartphone maker - and Ms Meng in January, along with a formal request for her extradition.

"Our client maintains that she is innocent of any wrongdoing and that the US prosecution and extradition constitutes an abuse of the processes of law". The announcement coincided with China kicking off its annual political season with its rubber stamp parliament, the National People's Congress (NPC) and the China People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Extradition proceedings are to go ahead against Chinese technology company executive Meng Wanzhou. A department statement stressed that Canada was following its laws.

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Meng's arrest set off a diplomatic furor and severely strained Canadian relations with China. Trudeau demanded, and got, his resignation shortly after.

Considering that Meng Wanzhou is the daughter of the company's founder Ren Zhengfei, it's scrutiny and global attention that the company could now do without.

Legal experts had predicted Ottawa would give the go-ahead, given the close judicial relationship between Canada and the United States.

The British Columbia Supreme Court has scheduled an appearance date for 6 March to confirm the extradition authorization and to set the date for the extradition hearing. It also called on the USA to drop its arrest warrant and extradition request, he added.

That tilt toward extradition has led to baffling outcomes.

"An extradition hearing is not a trial nor does it render a verdict of guilt or innocence".

"Decisions that are correctly taken at the official - i.e. non-political - level have been scrupulously taken at the official non-political level and there has been no interference", Freeland told CBC radio. "It's very, very hard for the person that's been accused to raise a defense because their evidence is not allowed unless it goes to the question of whether or not a crime has been committed".

Offering advice, Beijing said Canada "should refuse the extradition request of the United States and immediately release Ms. Meng Wanzhou in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Extradition Act of Canada".