Trump Rouses Right With Prediction of a Big 2020 Win

Trump Rouses Right With Prediction of a Big 2020 Win

The president later discussed his national emergency declaration and how some Republicans have said they're anxious about the precedent it sends to future Democratic presidents, but Trump said what's he's anxious about is murderers, cartels, drugs, and human traffickers coming into the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump will address a friendly audience Saturday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, capping a tumultuous week highlighted by failed talks at a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and damning testimony before Congress by former personal attorney Michael Cohen. "Robert Mueller never received a vote and neither did the person who appointed him", Trump continued, as he attempted to portray Mueller's team as a group of the "angriest Democrats".

"I turned on my television the other day and I saw somebody that was violently punched in the face.and I said that's disgusting", Trump said.

"If I had to wager a guess at this point", she said, "I would say probably [the order] would be asking for private universities to follow the same kinds of things state universities have had to do, which is basically to say that if you rent space publicly, for example, you can't control who rents that space".

Trump has been at the center of federal and congressional investigations headed by a variety of people.

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"So now we're waiting for a report, and we'll find out. who we're dealing with", Trump said.

Trump has accused them of bias. "I just want to be the Republican who runs against them". "And as you know the [former] attorney general [Jeff Sessions] said, 'I am going to recuse myself.' And I said, 'Why the hell didn't he tell me that before I put him in?'" Sessions recused himself from everything related to the allegations shortly before that.

Cohen acknowledged that he had no direct evidence of Trump colluding with Russian Federation, saying only that "I have my suspicions". "So, if you hear tomorrow when [the headlines] read, 'people left, ' nobody left early".

During his discussion on firing former FBI Director James Comey, the president brought up the "lyin' James Comey" nickname and later added that "he's a bad, bad guy".

Trump has denounced the special counsel probe as the single greatest "witch hunt" in the country's history.