Germany to set new security requirements avoiding Huawei 5G network exclusion

Germany to set new security requirements avoiding Huawei 5G network exclusion

In the video, children in uniform white T-shirts with the Chinese characters of "China" written on them, sing: "We love our country, we love homegrown brand Huawei" and "China's homegrown chips are the most valuable".

Huawei told Reuters it had no prior knowledge of the video and had nothing to do with it.

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According to the post, the song was written by Li Yourong, a lyricist for the People's Liberation Army song and dance troupe, Zang Sijia, a contract writer for the National Public Security Federation, and Zheng Lengheng, a songwriter subsidized by the State Council. Everyone says Huawei! The battery is durable and the appearance is good, ' the children sang.

In federal court in Seattle, Huawei - one of the world's biggest wireless equipment makers - said it was not guilty of committing trade secret theft, nor of conspiring to hide such a plan.

Washington is trying to prevent American companies from buying Huawei routers and switches and is pressing allies to do the same.

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Washington has called for allies not to use Huawei's technology, a move that threatens to shut it out of the Western market.

Huawei ran into legal trouble in December when CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver by Canadian police on behalf of the US because of alleged activities during her time as head of a Huawei-affiliated company that USA prosecutors believe sold equipment to Iran in violation of USA regulations. Countries like Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia have already acceded to the request.

The case against the Huawei units comes as US officials have warned that Huawei products could present a risk to national security. "Chinese data law is the same as many countries", he added.

"This is a complex case, more complex than many cases that have come before the court, and there will be voluminous discovery materials", Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Greenberg said in court Thursday.

"We are talking to the industry, the government and academia and in all likelihood we should be able to set up a lab for 5G trials by June this year", Chen said.

Huawei's official fan outreach account the Pollen Club said on Weibo: "This video was created by some Netizens without the knowledge or participation of Huawei".