Storage on smartphones set to soar with new 1TB microSD cards

Storage on smartphones set to soar with new 1TB microSD cards

Western Digital said in a press release that the new Extreme UHD-I microSD card reaches up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds.

"People trust SanDisk-brand cards to capture and preserve their world".

The cards don't just offer a lot of storage: they also meet the app performance Class 2 spec, meaning apps and games stored on the card load and run faster on Android phones. SanDisk's 1TB microSD card will be available in April for $449.99.

Those of you who have been waiting for a high-capacity microSD card with fast transfer speeds might like what Western Digital is showing off at MWC this year. The company also appears to be working on Pro and Plus versions of the 1TB card that feature a slightly higher data read speed at 170 MB/s.

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The SD Association has today announced microSD Express, a new storage format for mobile devices.

The 1 Terabyte cards double the supported storage of microSD cards. That's hardly a surprise considering that prices for existing microSD tiers, which ran up to 512GB until Monday morning, dropped significantly, so new products were likely inbound. Even now with Samsung offering 1TB of in-built storage with its latest flagship smartphone - the Galaxy S10 Plus - microSD cards are making a statement of intent.

"Micron's technology leadership in 3D NAND with CMOS under the array and 96-layer QLC has been instrumental in developing and launching the world's first 1TB microSD card", said Aravind Ramamoorthy, senior director of NAND solutions for Micron's Embedded Business Unit. Like the SanDisk card, Micron's is A2 compliant for apps. Both are available to pre-order now on SanDisk's website.