Now, Facebook won't transmit your location while you're not using the app

Now, Facebook won't transmit your location while you're not using the app

Now Facebook is introducing another option: Users can let Facebook track location only when they're using the app.

Announcing the new update, Facebook said 'Today we're announcing an update to Facebook's location controls on Android to give people more choice over how we collect location information and how we store it. With this feature in place, Android users can block Facebook from accessing their location information while the app is not in use.

A recent survey from location intelligence company Blis found that 83 percent of survey respondents were aware that marketers track their locations and many were ambivalent about or opposed to the practice. McDonald said the matter was simply a misunderstanding stemming from the fact that Android and Apple offer different privacy settings.

Up until this change, Facebook says, it didn't check the location of Android users unless they opted in to a feature called Location History, which was required to use some location-based features such as being alerted when friends are nearby.

Now, it's hard to deny the importance of Location settings while using Facebook.

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"For people who previously chose to turn their Location History setting "on, ' the new background location setting is 'on, '" Facebook explained".

Without hassles, you can now prevent Facebook from background location tracking.

You'll be directed to the Location Access settings where you'll see Background Location. Users weren't happy with this and now Facebook finally has a solution. By default, Android has an all or nothing approach towards location settings, which means either you can keep your Location Services on or off. But it's not - on iOS, users have more control over how their location is shared, but on Android, the options are more wide-ranging.

Really, the announcement only highlights, once again, the massive amounts of data Facebook has on its users, tracking everything they do in-app, along with where they go in real life.

In doing so, users were giving Facebook permission to access their location even when they weren't using the app.