US Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar enters 2020 presidential race

US Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar enters 2020 presidential race

Senator Amy Klobuchar, a moderate Democrat, on Sunday announced her candidacy for President of the United States.

The freezing temperatures and significant snowfall may have led other candidates to postpone or cut short an outdoor announcement, but nonetheless, she persisted, which drew praise for the Democratic senator from the predictable left of center outlets.

At the USA presidential election in the coming year, always want to compete more Democrats against the Republican incumbent, Donald Trump. She's pointed to her broad appeal across Minnesota - where she's drawn support from voters in urban, suburban and rural areas, including in dozens of counties Trump won in 2016 - and says that success could translate to other Midwestern states such as MI and Wisconsin, reliably Democratic in presidential races for decades until Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

An exuberant crowd gathered on a cold and snowy day at a park along the Mississippi River waterfront with the city's skyline in the background.

In her opening message, Klobucharaimed to brand herself as the "heartland" candidate, sharing her family's story of immigrating to the United States and settling in Minnesota, then working hard to provide for one another.

Klobuchar joins four of her fellow Senators already in the race-Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker-with at least three other colleagues mulling over a run: Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and Jeff Merkley. "Bad timing. By the end of her speech she looked like a Snowman (woman)!". Klobuchar, who just won reelection to her third term in the Senate, has pursued legislative proposals that aim to promote social media advertising transparency and lower prescription drug prices and played a prominent role in the recently passed farm bill. "And her Midwest base helps in crucial states that President Trump won in 2016 like Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa".

"These days it's more about corporate money, corporate sponsorships and what the politicians can do for their sponsors rather than doing what's right for the people and I think Amy does a great job", Brueske said. "It's pretty straightforward to me, not much fancier than that". Her highest-profile moment was during the U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearing of Brett Kavanaugh, when she and Kavanaugh got into a brief exchange about excessive drinking.

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Klobuchar's father is an alcoholic and the senator mildly scolded the fiery Kavanaugh.

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It is this approach that has given her a reputation for being "Minnesota nice" - but it also, in her early years, reportedly earned her the unflattering nickname "Cotton Candy Amy" in some circles.

A young person holds a sign as Democratic Sen. By comparison, Warren raised 35 million USA dollars in the same period.

Her defenders say she is simply someone who demands excellence, and that the allegations against her would not be made against a man.

The newspaper says former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is nearly certain to declare his candidacy, and three others - former vice president Joe Biden, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders - are listed as likely to run. "We must revamp our nation's cybersecurity and guarantee net neutrality". She said all USA homes should be connected to the Internet by 2022, endorsed universal health care, and said all people should need a background check before buying a gun.

Klobuchar's legislative efforts have focused on antitrust oversight, agriculture and voter security.

"Looking forward to debating you about climate change (and many other issues)", she wrote.

"I don't come from money", Klobuchar will say according to excerpts of her prepared remarks.