Facebook Messenger adds unsend option with a long time limit

Facebook Messenger adds unsend option with a long time limit

Secondly, Facebook Messenger users will only have 10 minutes to unsend misguided messages, after which point your boss will be able to read that they are a "wankstain wank wodger" for all of eternity. From there you can choose to remove it from just your phone or from everyone in the chat.

Well, once you've felt the unmistakable sinking feeling of immediate regret, you have 10 minutes to delete your message.

The unsend feature works for one-on-one sessions and group chats.

Visit Facebook's Messenger Help page for more details on the unsend feature.

Zuckerberg has acknowledged that Facebook needs to do more to restore trust, and ferret out misinformation and abuse, and on Monday repeated his pledge to spend more "on safety and security".

Facebook at the time told TechCrunch, "We have discussed this feature several times.We will now be making a broader delete messages feature available".

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The New York Times used one of Facebook's tactics to poke at the social network by sharing a nostalgic anniversary video spotlighting its stumbles.

Tapping the Remove option will then offer two options: "Remove for Everyone" and "Remove for You". The original and largely useless ability to delete a message only on your end still exists and has been renamed to "Remove for You".

After selecting 'Remove for Everyone, ' users will get a warning that says: 'You'll permanently remove this message for all chat members.

The other option that will appear is "Remove for You", which only prevents you from seeing the message, but everyone else in the conversation can still view it.

Unfortunately, Facebook will also notify other members of a conversation when this action is taken, essentially calling you out to your conversation partners.

Last year, it was reported that some of Mark Zuckerburg's earlier messages to people had been disappearing from the recipients' inboxes.