Trump's SOTU Guests Represent Many Of His Favorite Talking Points

Trump's SOTU Guests Represent Many Of His Favorite Talking Points

First, he could simply stay the course: Make a grand case for border security compromise directly to the American people, laying out the immigration concessions he is willing to offer Democrats in exchange for wall funding.

And tonight, the president will no doubt use his State of the Union address to reassure them that he hasn't given up on his promise of a U.S./Mexico border wall.

Trump has said in recent days that negotiations are a "waste of time" because Democrats don't support wall funding, and he said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS that another government shutdown or declaring a national emergency remain viable options.

"Donald Trump says his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening will be about 'unification, '" Robert Reich wrote for The Guardian.

Regarding the Mueller investigation and whether Trump would commit to releasing the final report, Sanders said the White House was "going to let [his] attorneys figure it out". A congressional committee is trying to reach an agreement on border security after the record 35-day government closing ended January 25.

The most dire poll included in that average is Gallup's, which found a week ago that just 37 per cent of Americans approve of Trump's work in the White House.

"I take a back seat to nobody in decrying President Trump's cynical and divisive performance ... but the Democrats, with their childish protests, took the bait", Milbank complained.

Minutes later, Trump tweeted that Schumer hasn't even seen the speech.

The source said Trump would discuss troop drawdowns in Syria and Afghanistan and that about half the speech would be devoted to foreign policy.

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Still, the fact that Trump's advisers feel a need to try a different approach is a tacit acknowledgement that the president's standing is weakened as he begins his third year in office.

Congressional Democrats, for their part, say the state of our union now provides a flawless opportunity for some live-trolling of the president via special invited guests.

Asked on Friday whether he would declare a national emergency during his speech, Trump said, "I don't want to say", and instead urged reporters to tune in to the speech.

Another Democratic star, Stacey Abrams, will deliver the party's response to Mr Trump.

U.S. officials say the Islamic State group now controls less than 10 square kilometers (3.9 square miles) of territory in Syria, an area smaller than New York's Central Park.

That prompted Pelosi to send another letter to the president, this time more forceful in her language.

The invitation of Joshua Trump is the latest initiative of Melania Trump's Be Best campaign, in which the First Lady "encourage [s] everyone to be kind to each other and treat each other with respect in everyday life and on social media".

Mr Trump's guests for the speech include Anna Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old woman whose life sentence for drug offences was commuted by the president, and Joshua Trump, a sixth-grade student from Wilmington, Delaware, who was allegedly bullied because of his last name.