Withdrawal of US Troops From Syria: Trump Defends Actions

Withdrawal of US Troops From Syria: Trump Defends Actions

Trump abruptly announced late past year to be withdrawing troops from Syria arguing the ISIS has been defeated.

This week, USA intelligence chiefs said that the ISIL remained a threat.

Thursday's vote serves notice to the White House that senior Republican leaders want a reversal of Trump's order to withdraw United States special forces from Syria and a check on future plans to withdraw troops in Afghanistan.

MAK: OK. And here's Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, sidestepping whether it was about splitting with Trump. "Perhaps it could have put some of my colleagues with aims beyond the Senate at odds with parts of the far left", McConnell said.

But on Thursday, Trump claimed his intelligence chiefs - including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel - told him that they were misquoted by the press, although their testimony was aired live.

"It's sort of this great improvisation directed by the president of the United States, that doesn't really follow any of the notes or sheets of music", Katulis said.

"They have taken a bill that had broad - maybe unanimous bipartisan support - and tried to turn it into a political weapon", said Sen.

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McConnell said this week that the Senate amendment "would acknowledge the plain fact that Al-Qaeda, [Islamic State], and their affiliates in Syria and Afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to our nation". Talk of an impulsive pullout from Syria has incited fears of an ISIS resurgence there, as well as growing concern for the safety of Kurdish fighters who have partnered with USA forces.

"We have won against ISIS, we have beaten them, and we have beaten them badly", Trump said at the time.

That it was spearheaded by McConnell (R-Ky.), who often waits to cross Trump until there is overwhelming momentum in his conference, indicates how deeply the president's announcements broke faith within the party. Days earlier, Kentucky Sen.

"Perseverance is a key ingredient to changing US foreign policy", Paul Kawika Martin, senior director of Peace Action, said Wednesday.

A final vote on the amendment could come next week. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies throughout the Cold War.

Democrats are divided on the BDS component of the bill, some saying it impinges on free speech rights of Americans to support boycott efforts against Israel for its treatment of Palestinians and other concerns. While Republican support for using emergency powers to build a wall was 20 points lower than for the wall overall, 67 percent of Republicans favored Trump taking emergency action, including a majority who supported this "strongly".

Rubio, who led the floor debate and is emerging as a foreign policy leader, said the vote was about ensuring that senators and the legislative branch "play our rightful role in the setting of American foreign policy".