Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Press Photos Leaked

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Press Photos Leaked

We will soon find out when Samsung announces its range of new devices during the February 20 Galaxy Unpacked event, with a demo of the tentatively titled Galaxy X or Galaxy F handset to take place at MWC 2019. The Galaxy S10/S10+ in black looks like Samsung's earlier models.

Power will be provided on all Samsung Galaxy S10 models by the latest Snapdragon chip or the Exynos 9 Octa, depending on the region.

The company is hard at work on its own tech, too, having just unveiled a brand new 20MP smartphone image sensor - which is also the world's smallest, measuring just 5.1mm (1/3.4 inches).

Huawei's foldable smartphone is most likely to feature 5G connectivity, which will be one of the biggest additions that Android smartphone manufacturers will tout this year.

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Trudging through the usual marketing paces, Samsung's foldable display makes an appearance at 0:24 with a much thinner profile than we saw before. In addition to the foldable phone, we will also possibly feast our eyes on the Huawei P30.

Compared to previous year, the edges have been further thinned and the body/screen ratio has been improved with the introduction of a hole in the screen for the front camera. Huawei's foldable phone is seen opening up from the middle, similar to Samsung's rendition of the same.

The company expects its Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone, which is set to be revealed in February, will "help prop up sales and business performance in the coming months".

"The triple-lens camera, the on-screen fingerprint identification and even the pre-installed screen protector will be able to best cater to the needs of consumers", a different industry official said.