Nintendo is making a 'Dr

Nintendo is making a 'Dr

Suppliers and some developers already know of the portable focussed Switch, Tweeted Nintendo Life's Steve Bowling, but he reminded us a pinch of salt is still required, even with such well sourced rumours as the Nikkei, and the WSJ past year.

At the same time, Nintendo smashed profit estimates for its October-December quarter and upgraded its Switch software forecast to 110 million units from 100 million previously, announcing that hit titles "Super Smash Bros". However, Nintendo has revealed that the game will be delayed. As it turns out, Nintendo will release its Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android sometime this summer. The newspaper added that Nintendo has already discussed the release with suppliers and game developers.

The game has had several remakes and re-releases since, and Dr. Mario is a fighter in Super Smash Bros., but it's never been one of Nintendo's most visible franchises.

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"It was not the pace we had aimed for, but sales are going at a good pace", Furukawa said of Switch sales over the last several months. The puzzle game will launch as a free to download title with optional in-app purchases in the early summer in approximately 60 countries / regions including Japan and the United States. The company has been loath to discuss its plans for Mario Kart Tour and there's been no insight into what the game will look like, how it operates, and more.

Having played and enjoyed all of these games (the top four in particular), I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Aside from a new Switch console, the report mentions that there will be some sort of improvement made on the Switch online service, but there isn't much more information around that detail right now. This is all for now, folks. Share your views with us inn the comments.