Mike Pence speaks at annual March for life rally in DC

Mike Pence speaks at annual March for life rally in DC

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife surprised the crowd by making an appearance.

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"We're the Pences", the vice president said.

JAMIESON: I believe that if - when we overturn that, then it's going to be on organizations like ours to walk alongside women.

President Donald Trump sought to assure opponents of abortion rights on Friday that he stands with them and would veto any legislation from a Democratic-controlled House that "weakens the protection of human life". She told them the goal is ending abortion. She received a resounding "yes" to each question.

"As passionate activists march for our nation's return to a culture of life, President Trump and the Republican Party remain committed to standing up for the most vulnerable and voiceless Americans", McDaniel added.

Steve Daines announced Friday during the March for Life rally that he is forming the first ever pro-life caucus in the United States Senate.

Before she gave her remarks, Mancini introduced Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, chairman of the US bishops' Committee on Pro-life Activities. A bipartisan group of lawmakers also will address the crowd.

Anti-abortion protesters gathered on the National Mall near the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, that legalized the procedure on January 22, 1973, for what the website bills as 'the world's largest pro-life event'.

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In his remarks, Pence urged the pro-lifers to stand up for God's creation, spread their message with compassion and hope, and not let their detractors dissuade them.

He said that even if it is never reversed, "we can provide new laws that will define personhood and give the fetus and child the protection of our U.S. Constitution".

William from Braintree, Massachusetts said he coordinated with his diocese to help a new church in Rhode Island make congregants' first trip to the March for Life.

In a tweet posted Friday, Scalise stated that "it's wrong that the U.S. is 1 of only 7 nations - like North Korea - in the world that allow abortion on demand at any point in pregnancy". "We stand between America and the darkness, and we will march until that darkness is banished forever and all of our children can stand together in the sunlight".

But it's OK to be "out of line", Shapiro said, because "righteousness doesn't have to be popular, just righteous".

Pence said, however, that abortion rights activists also know the progress the Trump administration has made in advancing a pro-life agenda. "The science is clear, life begins at conception. That's a very convincing argument to young people", he argued. Mixed in were Franciscans and Dominicans and other men and women religious in their habits. Some anxious bad weather predicted for parts of the Midwest and the Washington region would impede travelers heading East and reduce the numbers.

"Politicians aren't medical experts", Planned Parenthood tweeted.

"It's really not about right- or left-leaning", she said. Today I call on the Congress to join me in protecting and defending the dignity of every human life, including those not yet born.