IPhone 11 will have triple camera, XR successor will have dual

IPhone 11 will have triple camera, XR successor will have dual

According to The Wall Street Journal, who cited people familiar with the matter, Apple is planning to release three new iPhone models, including a successor to the struggling XR, its lower priced device released previous year that has failed to meet sales expectations.

The other two phones will apparently have dual-lens cameras, which would mean no change in the number of lenses for the iPhone XS successor (which we're calling the iPhone 11 for now) but would be one extra for the iPhone XR successor.

IPhone sales generate about two-thirds of the company's overall revenue.

The underwhelming reception of the iPhone XR has seen Apple consider the possibility of dropping the LCD-based model entirely, claims the report's sources, which would result in a complete shift to using OLED displays for the iPhone range, as previously rumoured.

If these figures out correct, the iPhone price cuts from retailers are well over Apple's discounts for retailers.

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iPhone sales haven't been stellar lately, with people replacing their own batteries instead of upgrading and knocking billions off Apple's profit projections in the process. For reference, the 64GB variant of iPhone XR is priced at $749 in the US.

"Apple has always been a laggard in cellular technology", said Mark Hung, an analyst at Gartner, told Bloomberg.

However, according to Mo Jia of Canalys, Apple might have reduced the prices at which it sells the iPhone to Chinese retailers. "Or, Apple might be under pressure to clean out its stock of iPhones".

While sales of the iPhone XR have reportedly been sluggish and WSJ says Apple isn't too keen on the prospect of releasing another entry-level iPhone, it may be too late for the company to switch up its plans.

CEO Tim Cook used a TV interview earlier this week to try to reassure investors-and, surely, consumers-that there is "a culture of innovation in Apple".