Networks to air Pelosi, Schumer rebuttal to Trump

Networks to air Pelosi, Schumer rebuttal to Trump

"Even though the White House does claim that they believe the president's case will improve the polling for the wall, there's no reason to believe that's true", she said.

As the government remains in limbo amid a battle over border security, Donald Trump has said he may declare a national emergency in order to divert federal funds toward his long-promised border wall between the US and Mexico.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer have come to the White House for several negotiating rounds with Trump.

The list of networks that confirmed they're carrying the address includes: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business and MSNBC.

On Monday afternoon, Trump tweeted that he will address the nation on "Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border", without disclosing what decision will be announced during his televised speech on Tuesday evening. He said so in the midst of an extended soliloquy about the border wall for which he has yet to find funding or widespread political support.

Many Trump critics posted messages on social media urging the networks not to air an address that could be filled with falsehoods. While the number of illegal border crossings is down from 1.6 million in 2000 to less than 400,000 a year ago, the number of families coming over the border has risen sharply.

The idea of declaring a national emergency to have the military build the wall has been considered since fall, the official revealed.

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House, on January 4.

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However, three of the four living former presidents have denied telling Trump they wished they had built the wall, and the other has strongly opposed the idea in public remarks.

Democrats are refusing to give Trump $5.7 billion to build the wall.

Democrats have asked for the networks to air a rebuttal of Trump's address.

In a news briefing, Hoyer said Democratic leadership hasn't yet discussed a lawsuit if Trump delivers on the national crisis declaration he's considering - but said it's a possibility. If the president decides to declare a national emergency on Tuesday night - or after talks collapse - Senate Judiciary member Chris Coons predicts "a significant and likely successful challenge in court".

But Democrats have made clear that they object to the wall itself, not what it's made of.

"We don't think that's the American way; we don't think that's the constitutional way". "You let a bully succeed, you'll be bullied again worse", Schumer said at a Tuesday breakfast with the Association for a Better New York.

Meanwhile, caught in the middle of the Washington fray are about 800,000 federal workers, including Transportation Security Administration employees, who will miss their paycheck this week. "He also needs to cut out the middle man because there's a lot of misstatement and lies told about him every day".