Apple admits to iPad Pro bending, but says this is normal

Apple admits to iPad Pro bending, but says this is normal

Apple hasn't skilled the next-than-regular return rate for the 2018 iPad Pros.

Before Unbox Therapy jumps in on this issue and bangs the "Bendgate" drum again, the news is already breaking that some iPad Pro customers are receiving bent iPads.

We've asked Apple if the 2018 iPad Pros are the only model affected by this manufacturing process and will update this report once we hear back. Worse yet, the company Steve Jobs founded is claiming that bended iPad Pros, a device that starts at $799, are normal, or at least not a defect it will make right. According to Apple's statement, the small bends in the chasis of the 2018 iPad Pros is due to a cooling process used on some of the tablet's plastic and aluminum components. In other words, Apple doesn't see it as a defect.

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The Verge's Chris Welch believes that the issue is more pronounced with the LTE version of the iPad Pro as it features a strip of plastic dividing its two aluminum sides that's actually the tablet's antenna line.

Now, in an interview with The Verge, Apple has confirmed some of the 2018 iPad Pros were shipped with distinct bends.

Yesterday both Verge and MacRumors covered this issue in different articles and were assured by Apple that it's not an issue but a normal side effect. You've also got to remember that, with the application of enough force, most tablets - which are just thin slabs that include a wide surface - will eventually bend to some degree. For the new iPad has been found to be susceptible to bending forces with Apple too admitting even new iPad units might arrive slightly bent. However, his claims about design flaws with the device were largely rejected because his test does not replicate typical real-world scenarios. The tech giant also blamed the issue on a "manufacturing process".