No evidence for Trump claim on 'terrorists': Government sources

No evidence for Trump claim on 'terrorists': Government sources

Swaths of federal funding will expire on Dec 21, forcing a partial government closing, unless a deal can be reached.

Constantly interrupting, Trump squabbled with the Democrats over whether wall funding could be approved in the House or Senate without Democratic votes. "I will take the mantle of shutting down".

"We shouldn't shut down the government over a dispute, and you want to shut it down", responded Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY. The account was described on condition of anonymity by an aide who was in the room but not authorized to discuss Pelosi's remarks publicly. Bob Casey was supportive of the $1.6 billion that a bipartisan Senate funding bill has earmarked for border security. Democrats were in no mood to sympathize, emphasizing their newfound political strength.

"President Trump should commit to signing" that bill, Casey said.

Pence, a former House member, sat silently as Trump and the two Democrats bickered.

A Pelosi aide confirmed "progress has been made" in the negotiations but didn't go into specifics: "There are various conversations going on about a path forward".

Trump said Friday that Congress should provide all the money he wants for the wall and called illegal immigration a "threat to the well-being of every American community".

The wall remains the main sticking point in talks. But Trump's rhetoric is an indication the president may be coming to terms with a scenario in which Democrats won't accept his demand to fund the project.

One national security source said USA authorities had in recent years captured one terrorism suspect trying to cross into the United States over a land border. Among the affected departments absent a deal: Homeland Security, Transportation, Agriculture, State, Justice.

During that meeting, Trump threatened again to shut down part of the government next week if Democrats did not agree to fund his long-promised wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

"Whatever's good for this country, I would do", he said.

Pelosi later told the group of House Democrats that getting that vow from Trump was "an accomplishment".

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"The fact is that you do not have the votes in the House", Pelosi declared.

Plus, Mr. Trump is slated to leave for Mar-a-Lago next week when government funding runs out.

"We've got to bring him into the world of congressional reality", Durbin said.

Incredible argument unfolding now in front of the press between trump, Pelosi and Schumer over votes for border security. A Mexican official familiar with the issue told CNN on Tuesday, "Mexico´s position regarding the so-called wall is the same the previous government had. Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!"

The president insisted the military can build it if Democrats will not vote for the funding.

Hours after the meeting ended, a Pentagon spokesman said in a statement that "there is no plan" for the military to build sections of a border wall. This isn't a question; this is a national emergency.

By the end of the meeting, Schumer had baited the president into bragging: "I am proud to shut down the government for border security".

The Democrats said they have given Trump two options to keep government open, and the responsibility lay with him and Republicans who control Congress.

Finally, her patience worn thin, Pelosi returned fire.

"When you look at what happened with the caravans, with the people, with a lot of - we shut it down; we had no choice".

Pelosi's willingness to stand up to Trump won praise from Democrats. But one Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican who has helped broker several shutdown-averting or -ending deals over the last decade.